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I thoroughly enjoyed this past spring semester in sports marketing with Professor  Conrad. I learned a great deal of information about sports marketing as follows:

  • Fan Engagement
  • Ticket Sales
  • Team Identities
  • Facility accessibility
  • Importance of Social Media

I knew a small amount of these five topics listed above from prior courses, but really hit the nail on the head when it came to sports marketing. It was a great class to be a part of and I feel it has well prepared me for my future after college when I start job searching and become employed.


What makes Eugene, OR. Electric

Travis Renner

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If it wasn’t for The Oregon Ducks then Euegene, Oregon would be nothing. It is a true definition of a college town, but without Nike Oregon wouldn’t be as nationally recognized as the are today. Oregon is not recognized as a sports powerhouse even though they have had some success in the recent years. They have only won one single national championship in a power 3 sport which was in basketball way back in the early 1900’s. Their main recognition as a power 5 conference school is their flash. Their flash from Nike is how they get recruits and is the main reason for their success recently and if it wasn’t for Nike than it is hard to tell where The Ducks would stand athletically.


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University of Tampa Baseball

Travis Renner

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The University of Tampa is a prime division 2 baseball program. They do every thing the correct way on and off the field. By on the field I mean that one, they are a class act, and two, they are an extremely talented team. Year in and year out they are nationally ranked. The advance every year to the DII College Baseball World Series, and not to long ago, I’d say about 2 plus years or so they beat the Philadelphia Phillies (A Major League Baseball Team) in Spring Training.

Now off they field they stay out of harms way and let everyone know whats going on when and where. By that I mean Social Media. Social Media is a huge part of their program. They have Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and they utilize them multiple times daily to keep all fans, players, teams, coaches, alumni, parenst, etc up to date. They constantly put up pictures and graphics to ammuse followers along with putting up schedules, times, deals, etc. and they have great fan interactions and are a well put together ball club. I do not have any changes in my eye, I believe they are doing it the right way and are not cutting any corners.


Travis Renner

The Pirate Way

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Being a long time life fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates I am very educated on them. I also know a fare well amount about their sponsorships and partnerships. The Pirates are a small market team which simply means that they don’t have as much money as most of your larger market clubs. Being so they can place a lineup on the diamond 162 games a year that can compete and win ball games so they can make the playoffs they have to find every way possible to make money.

It first starts off with ticket sales. As long as you can sell out all 81 home games each year you will make money and that goes from your season ticket holders all they way to your 1 game deal day or firework show ticket buyers. You also have to sign contracts with companies where you put their name somewhere or let them sponsor some sort of event and in return you get money. The Pirates also for their larger sponsors give them a booth in box seats that are fully covered and catered the professional way.

And it goes without saying the Pirates most notable sponsor in Mrs. T’s Pierogies race. Each home games people dress up in Mrs. T Pierogie costumes and race around the warning track for fan entertainment. Lastly the name of the park. The name is PNC Park sponsored by PNC Bank the official bank of the Pittsburgh Pirates. PNC is the first sponsor for the Pittsburgh Pirates Park out of all their fields. Where Forbes field was named after Forbes Avenue the street it was on, Three Rivers Stadium was named because the field was located where the Monongahela, Allagheny, and the Ohio rivers all 3 met up.

What will you do for your team?*&imgrc=97Xk-l29eqM1UM:


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5 Senses for Brands

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Sensory marketing ways:

Touch: touching is something tangible that the consumer can want and feel.

Smell: Candle companies may use the sense of smell for survey to find out which scent is the best smelling scent.

Hear: For so a radio ad, something that the consumer can hear and listen to for attracting attention of the consumer to the product.

Taste: Could be used in a taste testing survey to view which flavor is liked the most by consumers to tell which they need to make more expensive and make cheapest.

See: Say maybe a billboard, something the consumer can see or visualize to attract more attention so maybe the consumer will purchase.

West Virginia Wesleyan College’s baseball team could use the hearing sense to promote home games to draw larger crowds forming a stronger fan base by purchasing radio ads throw the local AM/ FM radio stations.

Link to his post:


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The Dynamic Duo

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The Milwaukee Bucks have been one of the worst teams in the NBA for years, but not now they aren’t. Being a smaller market team the Bucks couldn’t just go out and buy players like the New York Yankees do in Major League Baseball, and Milwaukee isn’t the most exciting or warmest place in the world either so they can’t just get huge name free agents like the Miami Heat did with Lebron or Golden State did with K.D. The bucks had to find their own way of turning the program around, so that they did.

The bucks utilized their draft picks internally and developed young talent with potential while locking them up early under contract for years as appose to them leaving the Bucks after a few short seasons getting that max deal contract. With first pick last draft Jabari Parker from Duke and draft pick from the year before Giannis Antetokounmpo “The Greek Freak” from Greece are exactly what Milwaukee and their fans needed. Now with the 2nd youngest roster in the NBA and currently moving up in the rankings the Bucks are on the rise for years to come.

Division II schools such as Wesleyan could use the Bucks as a reference for the future of the Bobcats. Not getting young recruits since in college you do that every year anyway, but just be new! Maybe expand campus, create new dorms, allow off campus housing, start new athletic teams, recruit more players, and update/ add new and better facilities to the college.

  • How will you change your teams future?
  • #pc17sm



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I went ahead and chose these two Gatorade advertisements attached above to view. I will quickly go over state of being and state of mind segmentation as well as whether they are accurate to these advertisements. To me the state of being would be any age, athlete or anyone who plays sports or exercises regularly, any income, for boys and girls, and for all races and ethnicity. The two state of minds I would list under Gatorade consumers would be achievers and strivers because these will stop at nothing to receive their goal and typically that’s how the main demographic approach from Gatorade should be. I believe that it is an accurate representation of these 2 advertisements.


Is Gatorade what fuels you on and off the court?


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Under Armour Rule Yourself

Where as Nike has the most money and just buys the best current athletes to promote their brand, Under Armor doesn’t work that way. Their slogan “I will” is a challenge to yourself. Are you able to go that extra mile to better yourself or are you content with average. Do you want to make yourself the best that you can be? So Under Armor goes after all sports finding young potential who isn’t on Nike radar and hopes they can make it big, and that is exactley what they have done with. For example Tom Brady a back-up 5th round draft selection endorsed through Under Armor now the most winningest Quarter Back in NFL history. Another in Steph Curry a man who went to a small college who was degraded by most NBA critics saying he is too small to make it he will never be any good, and now he is one of the best shooters of all time and at a young age already holds NBA records. Now, these Under Armor athletes have accepted their challenges and succeeded, “Will you”? #pc17sm

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NY Giants Star “Brightens” the Night!

Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. along with other teammates decided to brighten the night in Miami during preparation week for round 1 of the playoffs Vs. the Green Bay Packers. (The hottest team in the league at the time) The players were granted an off day to blow off steam and relax themselves before hitting the grind. Now Miami is a place you go to for spring break or a vacation or so… well, OBJ and teammates boarded the next flight out of N.Y. direct to Miami to begin their off day in the sunshine state. Now I do not have a problem with this decision at all. These are grown men playing a professional sports, with the ability of making grown man decisions, but when the Green Bay Packers absolutely take full control and dominate the Giants in the wildcard round it doesn’t look so hot for Odell and the Giants as a team now does it. Externally the media first caught wind of their adventure to Miami to go “clubbing” and blew it up big time! Now this stunt brings unwanted attention to the Giants team when they need all the peace they can get while preparing for the Giants. Internally, the other players, coaches, and fans look at this now and think… if OBJ our star doesn’t care to work hard and save all the partying then why should we be here everyday working our tails off, or coaching, or spending money to buy tickets to come watch OBJ have 3 drops in the game? That’s where the line lies, was OBJ and the crew in the right or wrong?


-Were the Giants players in the wrong for taking full advantage of an off day, or was there nothing wrong, and it just got blown out of proportion? #pc17sm

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Giants wide receivers spend off day clubbing in Miami with Justin Bieber

My First Blog

My First Blog


Hello, my name is Travis Renner. I am a junior sport business major with a double major in economics. I am from Morgantown, West Virginia. I decided to come to West Virginia Wesleyan College to continue my baseball career at the collegiate level. Other than baseball I also enjoy watching and playing basketball and football. Born and raised in Morgantown, I grew up being and still am a die-hard Mountaineer fan. As well at the professional level I am a big fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Atlanta Braves. Sports aside I also enjoy the great outdoors. I love hunting and fishing. Spring gobbler season and bow split seasons are my favorite times to hunt and I enjoy trout fishing more than any other. I would much rather vacation in the middle of nowhere in say Montana or Wyoming doing nothing but hunting and fishing than go to a beech. I have 3 brothers and zero sisters. My freshman year I lived in Fleming Hall, and now I live in a house that my roommates and I split the rent up evenly. When I graduate, I would like to get a well-paying entry level job at either an MLB or NFL team where I can work my way up. In my free time, I like to ski and snowboard, go out on the lake, workout, and play PlayStation. I created this blog for my Sport Marketing class and will continue to keep it up and running throughout the semester.